Monday, May 17, 2010

So I did a really dumb thing with the cow. When Nora said, all super snotty-like, “You kids ever milked a cow before?” I told her I had.

So dumb, right? I knew right away it was. And that was before I’d figured out Nora was going to make me milk the cow in front of her. I’d thought maybe I’d figure it out on my own that night in the barn.

And Jezebel? The cow? Up close, she’s huge. And red, like she’s angry.

All I remember about what came next was standing in the kitchen. Nora had told me to go get the milk pail but I was so freaked out I forgot what I was even looking for once I got inside. My mom was saying, “Gen? What’s going on?” and I just stared.

I felt like I was marching to the gallows, walking back to the barn.

And then, you’ll never believe it, but I milked that friggin’ cow!

Remember when we used to milk those fake cows at the zoo with the rubber bags hanging down shaped like udders? Well, I guess I must have learned something.

The milk came out so fast, some of it even splashed me on the face! =)

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