Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I’m back! Can you believe that I found a place to charge the battery on my phone? Well, I did. Want to know where it was? This is the biggest piece of news I’ve had to tell anyone in a long time!

Okay, so... Nora? The poster child for Camp Frontier? You won’t believe what I found her doing.

She was typing.

At a computer.

In a special secret electricity shack Ron and Betsy have set up and don’t want anyone to know about.

Nora isn’t supposed to use the shack, but she sneaks into it every night when Ron and Betsy think she’s out walking in the woods or whatever. Nora and Caleb have been meeting at the electricity shack in secret since the camp began. They’ve been listening to everyone’s iPods. They’ve been drinking the Diet Coke that Betsy stores in a mini-fridge.

Nora explained that the shack is just to let her dad check out organic farming chat rooms, but I don’t know. . . Is Ka right? Are Ron and Betsy a front for some elaborate crime ring? Is more going on here than it would seem?

That would be AWESOME.

I can’t wait to tell Ka.

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